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Anne Staff


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Konstantin Norin


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Julia Kahrels

Dir. Strategic Partnerships


Coming from a tech background ourselves and being personally involved in the projects we take on, we've founded Staffwerke in order to create the ideal work environment for us and for the people that surround us.

We recruit the top 1% of developers, building handpicked teams of experts in constellations that enable them to work efficiently and smoothly.

For that, we provide a state-of-the-art digital work environment and help our clients adapt their IT infrastructure to supercharge the development process. Speaking of processes, together with our clients we establish seamless agile workflows, result-oriented and optimised all the way from onboarding to production deployment. We take care of the management overhead to make sure the developers' every needs are met and to minimise administrative hassles.

The quality of the result is guaranteed through peering and strict supervision by our CTO and Lead Solution Architect. This assures full compliance with the requirements and a sustainably scalable architecture, and goes along with the establishment of coding guidelines and best practices.

A holistic approach means our services are always tailored to the business case at hand and taking into account existing team members and structures.


On a technical level, software architecture and development stand independently from the respective industry they're applied to. Success or failure aren't determined by an individual's field-specific knowledge, but by their ability to understand, extrapolate, and design processes. However, in some fields more than others, a certain familiarity with the industry's peculiarities and constraints will help ensure the smooth and efficient completion of the project.


From operating pacemakers to advanced diagnoses - there are many ways software is already used in modern healthcare, and an infinity of potential future use-cases. The vital nature of this software entails strict regulations and validation by governmental as well as independent inspection agencies like FDA and TÜV. High precision and utmost reliability are more than a necessity. Keeping these contraints in mind is essential in order to approach medical software projects with due care.

Banking and Finance

Long before technical innovation and the need for user-oriented digital financial services have brought about what is now called the FinTech industry, banking and finances have always implied strict regulatory constraints and extreme accuracy across institutions and borders. These have led to the establishment of a series of ISO standardisations as well as industry-specific methodologies to be aware of when creating finance-related software.


The massive potential of innovation in this highly complex industry makes it challenging to find a clear pathway to digital transformation. Many manufacturers are interested in Industry 4.0 but have limited awareness of how to adapt to this new concept. As opposed to applying individual technologies or focussing on specific areas, a holistic approach and a clear strategy are the key to exploiting the full potential of the fourth industrial revolution. This mindset must be reflected in every feature and at every stage of the development.

Software as a product

Although seemingly straightforward for being the most pure form of software development, SaaP and SaaS hold their own set of requirements and industry-specific prioritisation. A release driven methodology with clear milestones as well as version compatibility across major releases are well known concepts which become imperative in this context. Outbound marketing of the product means user experience and utility play integral roles in its success.


Crew Comes First

We understand that our people are the drivers of our success. Building a strong team and enabling them to work in a state-of-the-art IT environment is our number one priority.

Quality over quantity

Excellence is only achieved by refinement. We're a boutique provider - our goal is not to feed the masses but to excel in our level of expertise.


We live and breathe technology and our drive is to explore the very bleeding edge of it, yet without discarding the proven and time-tested approaches.


Our commitment is to create sustainably scalable solutions with lasting benefits. We prefer long-term partnerships over quick turnover.


With us your project is in good hands. Each of our team members is trustworthy and dependable and will go the extra mile to ensure the accomplishment of your project.