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˅ Position Senior .Net Engineer
  "title": "Senior .Net Engineer",
  "description": {
    "requirements": {
      "experience": "5+ years",
      "languages": [
        "English C1"
      "other": [
        "experience working with databases",
        "willingness to learn about new technologies and tools based on project requirements"
    "goodToHaves": [
      "familiarity with Docker and Azure",
      "familiarity with a frontend language/framework (preferably Angular)",
      "surprise us with your other useful skills"
    "perks": [
      "long-term service contract",
      "fully remote work from wherever you can connect",
      "competitive salary based on experience and skills"
    "project": "A complex automation system for one of the biggest global producers of home appliances. It's 99% backend work, and believe us it's not trivial!"
> Position Angular expert{...}

« Who are you and why should I work with you? »

- Kevin

There's a ton of fancy employer marketing lingo we could use at this point, but we prefer to keep it simple and give you an honest tl;dr that gets right to the point: We're a team of software architects and developers with a strong appetite for challenging and complex projects.

In other words - a bunch of geeks 🤓

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Staffwerke benefits

Fully remote work

Seriously. From wherever you can connect. Tired of spending hours of your valuable time on daily commutes?

Wanna spend that time with your kids or your significant other instead? Or on your own, why the hell not?

We think in the post-pandemic 20ies it's about time to start focussing on what's truly important. And we don't see the point in making enough ca$h to rent a beachfront villa if your job's office policy doesn't allow you to use it.

That's why all of our jobs are guaranteed fully remote. And if we do need you to come on-site, travel expenses are on us 💯

Competitive salary

Based on your skill level. You have what it takes to work with us? Then we won't be stingy. After all we know that beachfront villa won't pay for itself 💸

Best hardware money can buy

Don't limit yourself to the confinements of your old laptop. You'll get to work on our blazing fast VMs, believe us they are not what you're used to. Or if you are then lucky you. Built by our admins' expert hands, these machines can make even the heaviest of environments run as smooth as a baby's bottom 🚀


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Which time zone do I need to work in?
How does the workflow go?
What is the team like?
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How many vacation days do I get?